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High Performance

All of our tools are created based on high performance and reliability in mind. It means everybody can rely on us

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No Coding Required

Using our tools is like moving cursor here and there, you don’t need any technical knowledge at all

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Made for People

All of our free tools are helpful and made for people not robots, so you can enjoy them without any limits

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Private and Secure

We don’t collect any kind of your data and we don’t store any personal details either. So you are in secure hands

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Protected Environment

Our website and tool pages are protected with high security measurements so nobody can fool us

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Sharing is Love

If you share one of our many free tools, you will help us code more free tools for you. So show your love today


I can’t believe such tools can be free, ah, a great platform, I really enjoyed every tool here.

Sandra L.

A Redditor


Awesome!!, how you guys can give these tools for free? you can easily charge $5 or more per tool and even per use. Btw i am really glad for your tools. Thanks a lot man.

Joseph Simitry

Pro Blogger

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Some FAQs with Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tools 100% free?

Yes, all of our tools are 100% free as we don’t charge you even a single penny for using any tool.

Can I request a tool?

Yes, you can ask us to develop a tool based on your requirements, and we will do our best to make it for you.

When you release a new tool?

We are releasing at least 1 tool every weekend and we will surely make this thing regular for you.

How can I add animations to blocks?

Most core blocks have animation supported added. You can add and change transition effects without needing any code.

Do I need to signup for using tools?

No, you don’t need to create an account on our website to use our free tools.

Why you are offering free tools?

We believe in a world that’s free and easy at the same time, we want to make your life easier.

Do you have calculators?

Yes, we do have calculators and many other tools are being developed.

Is dark mode good for every tool?

While dark mode is a good way to reduce eye pressure that you get from screens, it may not work well on every tool page.

Do you show ads?

We some times show ads to monetize tools pages and to sustain our website as we at the end need money to make the website stay alive.

How can I send you a donation?

You can send us a donation to our PayPal and Bank accounts. Please use contact us page for this.

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